Typically, organisation receiving wastes, or which operate a waste management / recycling / processing site that handles wastes, must obtain the relevant licence / permit from the Environmental Agency Regulator (EA). The EA requires that sites are managed by a "Competent Person".

In order to demonstrate the necessary skills and knowledge to be recognised by the EA as a "Competent Person", the EA require the individual to obtain a Certificate of Technical Competence (CoTC) or Operator Competence Scheme (OCC) Certificate. These awards are made only by CIWM (WAMITAB) on the strength of the relevant Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF) qualification.

For a list of all the CIWM (WAMITAB) Certificate of Technical Competence (CoTC) and Operator Competence Schemes (OCC) see CIWM (WAMITAB)'s table of Risk Tiers. This shows the high, medium and low risk tier awards and the RQF units that are required for each qualification / certificate:


NOTE: it is ONLY the site operator, in discussion with the EA Regulator, who can determine exactly which qualification is relevant to a particular operation (usually in accordance with the EA's Standard Rules). But, although neither TRACKSS nor CIWM (WAMITAB) is allowed to make this decision, we may be able to assist in the decision making process. Guidance is provided at the following CIWM (WAMITAB) site:-


In addition to the Statutory awards leading to the CIWM (WAMITAB) Operator Competence Scheme Certificate or Certificate of Technical Competence (i.e. those required to prove competence to the EA), there are a number of "non-statutory" awards, and, although these are not legally required, many organisations use these awards to help demonstrate the organisation's commitment to developing a fully qualified workforce (as required by Investors In People and various ISO awards). Also, it may be a contractual requirement of the client. These qualifications include various CIWM (WAMITAB) Diplomas at levels 1 to 4 that cover all aspects of waste management and recycling.

RQQ levels 1 and 2 qualifications are available for all types of waste / recycling operations, waste / recyclates collection, Civic Amenity / recycling sites, wastes / recyclates processing and treatment, street cleansing operations, cleansing and grounds maintenance.

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