It is a requirement of the RQF system that anyone who assesses a RQF learner or who provides quality assurance processes MUST hold (or be working towards) the relevant Assessor or Quality Assurance qualification.

The main assessor / quality assurance awards are based on units are taken from the RQF Learning and Development qualifications:-

All RQF assessment centres must have appropriately qualified personnel to carry out assessment and internal quality assurance work. For example, ALL of the TRACKSS associates hold the AVA3 or A1 award (or its predecessor award D32/D33) and some of the associates have the LIQA4 or V1 award (or its predecessor D34).

In addition, TRACKSS is an approved centre for the new RQF assessor and quality assurance qualifications, through CIWM (WAMITAB).

It is very unusual to find people qualified to assess and/or quality assure both waste management RQF’s AND the assessor / internal quality assurance qualifications. TRACKSS is therefore uniquely placed to provide the specialist guidance required to obtain the assessor or quality assurance qualifications in the waste management and related industries.

So, if you would like to discuss how you could become a qualified waste management assessor / internal quality assurer, please contact us. And, of course, the same assessor / internal quality assurer qualifications can be used in other RQF sectors.

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